We only use the finest...

Now you’ve probably heard that a lot on cake websites, but what exactly does it mean?

It never really occurred to us before to boast about how our flavourings are all 100% naturally derived, or that we only use eggs from free-to-roam chickens. Not to mention our superior fine sifted flour, always fairtrade sugars and real Belgian chocolate. And it definitely didn’t every cross our minds to sneak in nasty margarine instead of butter…. Even our vegan cupcakes contain a perfect blend shea, coconut and almond fats instead.

But it’s nothing to brag about really, because who in their right mind would use the fake stuff…

So basically, what you read is what you get. For real! We make discerning cakes for discerning people. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Would you?

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