Gravity Defying Sweetie Cake Tutorial

An impressive cake to make alone or with the kids, with minimal tools required! This tutorial will take you through all the stages required to create your own special effects masterpiece in colours of your choice. Learn how to create sharp edge buttercream effects with different coloured icings, sprinkles coating, and the final wow factor – a floating bag that looks like it’s pouring sweets from mid air! Use your own cake and icing recipes or download our Perfect Sponge and Best Buttercream Tutorials to get you started with the basics. 

What will I learn?

  • How to stack and layer sponges
  • Colouring and flavouring buttercream icing
  • How to ice a cake with buttercream
  • How to achieve sharp edges on your buttercream cake
  • Decorating your cake different buttercream effects
  • Sprinkles banding
  • Pouring sweetie bag illusion

Equipment Required

  • 10” approx. cake presentation board
  • Palette knife 9″ cranked blade
  • Cake scraper
  • Turntable (helpful but not essential)
  • Food colourings and/or flavourings of your choice
  • Sweeties of your choice (around 250g)
  • Sprinkles of your choice
  • 16” long cake dowel (or any thick stick or rod)
  • Small paper bag (or we’ll expalin how to make your’re own)
  • Buttercream 800g (I’ll tell you the amounts to colour in the video! Not sure how to make it? Check out the Best Buttercream Tutorial)
  • Caster or granulated sugar 50g
  • Star nozzle & piping bag (optional)

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